Step-by-Step Guide to Making Greek Yogurt

We are going to give a step-by-step guide to help guide you towards making such healthy homemade Greek yogurt. Interestingly, for this, you will all but require two ingredients. Check this guide to see more.

To start us off, we will first see what yogurt is in the first place. By and large, milk is but a composition of two ingredients or parts; casein and whey. The part that curdles and is used to make yogurt and cheese is casein. Whey is the part, watery part, that is left after milk has so curdled.

Having so described these, the next question is what Greek yogurt is. In a general sense, Greek yogurt is just the same as the regular yogurt we have around only that to its making, there is always the extra step that the product goes and this is the straining process. When making Greek yogurt, you need to make sure that you have gone the extra step of straining so as to ensure that you have removed the excess watery whey there is in your final product, resulting in such a thick and protein dense product. This particular variation of yogurt is what is known to the Americans as “Greek yogurt” while in other areas of the world it is known as “strained yogurt”. Here are some of the ingredients that you will require for you to make homemade Greek yogurt.

In a nutshell, yogurt is all but a product of the process of fermentation just as it is with the other products that we may so be knowing of. It is simply a process of adding bacteria, in this case being yogurt, to a substance that has some sugar, here being milk, and as such allowing the bacteria to eat up the sugar. From this, one thing that is as clear is that for you to make your homemade yogurt, you will require these two basic ingredients; yogurt and milk. As you settle for your yogurt for use for the making of your homemade yogurt, you need to see to it that you are going for the highest quality yogurt and these are the ones that have live or active cultures. The quality of the homemade Greek yogurt you make is as well influenced by the choice of the milk and as such it is advisable to make sure that the milk you use is whole fat milk for the yogurt to have the best texture.

You still have some more to do for you to make your homemade Greek yogurt after the process of fermentation. Such are like heating the milk, cooling it, then allowing it to sit and then straining it.
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